Biography of Ricardo Godoy

RICARDO GODOY: born in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. He is a  father of three children, Ezequiel Godoy, Leonel Godoy y Mariano Godoy  that currently are supporting him in his projects.

Early years

RICARDO GODOY comes from a humble family where his parents have always  supported his studies and sports. His father Ramon and his mother Olga  noted that from an early age he had a passion for football, not only  devoted a large part of their day playing in any place, but also  organized games, tournaments in the neighborhood and trained his  teammates. he was a kind of leader in his neighborhood.

All his childhood was based on football, during his teenager time it  was where further accentuated the passion for football that led him to  be sure what profession in the future he wanted.

As a player:

Started playing at 6 years old in organized football. From small to  important clubs in the city wanted him in the team, started playing in  the club with most quarries in Mendoza football of his time, the CLUB  ATLETICO ARGETINO where all categories were always champions on the  champions league, top scorer and one that stood out most, converted  the promise in the city's football where debuted with the first team  at 16 years old, where that first money he received through football  allowed him (at 20 years old was transferred), bear the expenses for  his degree in Physical Education INEF (Mendoza).

Signed Boca Juniors of Argentina, club that ceded Florida, Kimberley  and Alvarado Mar del Plata, and after three seasons he returned to  Boca Juniors, Banfield and after Buenos Aires he returned to his  hometown where he played for Independiente Rivadavia, Godoy Cruz   Gutierrez Sport Club.

The constant injuries led him to leave professional football when he  was 30 years old. But during all this time he had already created the  first School of Soccer and goalkeepers (GERMAN "mono" BURGOS) among  others that began with him.

Step as coach

In 1992 begins the course of coaches in Argentina. He already had in  1978 the national Teacher's degree in Physical Education and a  football master, in 1979.

In 1993 with the support of Nilda Gutierrez comes into practice one of  the most ambitious projects of youth football at the international  level ... A world of children's football, "The Mundialito".

The Mundialito ... teams from all continents gathered to compete in a  real world, three years of work, SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL RICARDO  GODOY, to reach the first mundialito in 1995, the city was Mendoza,  his native pronunciation, and just only three editions in 1997 and  Mundialito became the largest children's football tournament of all  America, UNICEF Argentina awarded him the birthday celebration of 50  years of UNICEF's existence in the world, the shirt of his school was  promoting the UNICEF and the prestigious singer and author PAZ  MARTINEZ, he was responsible to produce and sing at the grand opening  ceremony in the globalist stage of Mendoza Argentina, RUN y VUELA song.

Ricardo Godoy was fulfilling his dream ... a true world which featured  more than 20 countries, 10,000 players, baptized the children of  SALVADOR, as the PEACE mundialito.

UNICEF Argentina awarded the distinction; Missionaries of Peace  through Soccer .. who received a 9-year-old "Trapito” Mundialito who  was the image on the season and UNICEF Argentina.

Currently the Mundialito held in Spain and became the biggest kids tournament of Football 7 of the world,

All these years, Godoy has worked as a coach of the lower categories  of Boca Juniors in Argentina (specific training), as a collaborator of  Professor Carlos Fontana (Argentine), which considers a master in his  job (coaching).

In 1994 it was Godoy received the National coaching diploma in  football where he obtained the best average.

Season 1994 was coach and then Director of the Club Andes Talleres of Mendoza.

In 1995 he was assistant coach tours and coordinator of youth  Selection CHINA (Project 2000), and with him the Brazilian coach Enzo  Easter.

In 1996, 1997 and 1998 collaborated with the Cuban Football  Association, which has implemented the project "CARIBITO" with former  "guardameta" and at that time the president of the National Football  Association, Jose Francisco Reinoso also called Godoy for develop a  soccer program in his country and he as always, worked for the little  boys started to play football, he taught courses to coaches and toured  the country to prove that they were playing football in the states of  PELOTA (baseball) in many cities.

Social, economic and non-continuity J. Francisco Reinoso allowed not  continue with Caribitos even though Ricardo Godoy was in charge of the  program of the Cuban national soccer selections.

A International Football School Ricardo Godoy shirt was donated to the  Habana Sports Museum, where Godoy was mentioned as the father of  Caribito Project. Currently, at least it is practiced football  systematically in primary schools in the country. A few years ago an 11 year old children team participated in all  Mundialito editions.

In February of 1997 a business group of football and his colleagues  told him that their football ideas do not coincide with the reality of  Argentine football.

Tired of so many obstacles to his work, left Mendoza, his homeland, to  the disappointment of many who followed him. In a few years many kids  had played in mundialito, he had traveled the world and in that time  (till now) his International Football School had already gained some  prestige in several districts of Mendoza and a few colleagues and  politicians could not tolerate because it did not correspond to  particular interests.

Installed in Spain, the Canary Islands followed with his football  project and with his professional work as a coach.

He trained Huracán the national Youth League (honor division) in the  year 1999/2000.

In 2001, he was recommended for FIFA technical department to go to  work in Africa, and is where accepts the proposal of the President of  Mauritania Football Federation, Mr. Mohamed Lemine Cheiguer.

For three consecutive years (2001, 2002 and 2003), Godoy was coach of  the National Football the Islamic Republic of Mauritania Selection,  their adaptation to an Islamic country was very hard, there was no  professional football, the average age of the players was almost 30  years and the Federation of Mauritania did not have the other  categories required by FIFA.

Ricardo Godoy stared to move in the country of "Mourabitounes"

Where is the hottest desert and world's largest, with about 9.065  million square kilometers of surface. Its name comes from the Arabic  ṣaḥrā' صحراء (desert). Extends the territory of the following countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco (with the Spanish parts), Sahara Occidental,  Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, Chad, Egypt and Sudán.

His work caught the attention of international press, especially the  Arab world that started to call him the "Lion of the Desert".

Following a methodology of work, organized his work in phases. The  first was to make a diagnosis of the country's football situations,  the results were alarming and so he decided to divide the country into  zones football .. and here begins the story. Walking through the  villages lost desert promotion and looking for players 'talents' for  his project, the international press tried to make an exclusive report  of Ricardo Godoy about his trip in Africa but always said that would  only be written in a future book. Not to mention in great detail but  Godoy told that often ran danger to life .. lost in the desert ... in  the Atlantic back them Eliminatoria in Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinea  Conakry, Morocco, Algeria ... and collaboration campaign to the Luanda  government - Angola after 30 years of civil war ... "football  missionary," another nickname which also is in history of RICARDO GODOY

The commitment linking Godoy to this Islamic country was 6 years. The  output of the president who had hired and for political and social  reasons that across this country would not allow the continuation of  your project, but even so he organized a national first and second  division tournament, selections sub 15, sub 17 and sub 20 and a  complete selection with ages around 23 years.

By the hand of Ricardo Godoy came the GOAL project FIFA. Godoy worked  tirelessly and today is a reality in Nouakchott, the capital, and his  first diagnosis said: the childrens in Mauritania start playing  football at 14 ...

Godoy convinced that the only way to develop football was starting to  play with low ages, encouraged the football schools across the  country, taught coaching courses ... and children with 6 years old  began to play, to travel ... to participate in International  tournaments.

Currently, when interviewers ask him "What won Godoy in Mauritania?",  Always answers "never win anything but my most important award is to  know that we continue to play football in the desert; have improved  communication with children and young people who only spoke the  dialect, they have transmitted the sense of responsibility and trying  to prepare them for a better world. I fought against malaria,  political and social problems, but thank God, Alan or whatever for  take me into one of the most enriching experiences of my life, both  professional and personal”.

When Godoy has gone from Mauritania constantly received messages from  so many players, coaches and Mauritanian friends ... "When RICARDO  GODOY left Mauritania, young people have left to love this sport,  finished the illusion of football."

“Goes away the man who wanted to make Mauritania the biggest club with  many organized football teams and tournaments in the Arab world”.

This experience in the Islamic country, traveling the desert, living  with Ramadan while trained, the coexistence, respect for religious  habits, traveling almost the entire African continent to play the  playoffs FIFA, friendlies, Pre-Season and all the drawbacks that there  is to live in an African country, marked his professional life but  also his personal life where his first illusion was promote Football  in smaller ages as an effective method to achieve objectives.

From 2004 to 2007 he was the Director of Training, Hired by the Club  Huracán LAS PALMAS, who had formed an agreement with Real Madrid  (Spain).

In 2005 he had the confirmation of his diploma National coach (Spain)

In 2008 he took the UEFA Advanced coaching course, the Portuguese  Football Federation.

All this time he was hired by clubs, associations, governments ... to  different lectures on FOOTBALL BASE, METHODOLOGY OF COACHES, ...  coordination in football, Football Schools organization, the  selections of work. youth and professional football ... etc ...

Godoy has visited more than 100 countries, football tours,  tournaments, lectures and promote the Mundialito and the development  of football in other countries who asked him to collaboration:  America, Europe, Africa and more recently he start to focus also his  work to the route to Asia, especially to the Arab countries.

Besides all that remains in place,he is also working on a campaign for  International Help to Africa “EVERYBODY WITH MALI" through his  foundation.

He is conducting a research on the reality of football in Mali in  order to help the development of football in the country.

Also manufactures sports equipment: balls, football boots with his  name and also has a traveling museum of football with more than 6,000  objects.