In 2016 we have completed 26 years.

It has been said that memory is the only save memory that we possess and it is where we keep all our jewels of our fleeting years, if so, without doubt my most precious jewel is our story ... so many kids who defended our colors, walked with my shirt around the world, so many trips ... so many people who supported my project, my follies and my dreams.

And now another dream come true, a project that began very humble but ambitious in long term, The International Football School Foundation Ricardo Godoy, in Africa, in Mali, is already a reality.

It was built THE FUNDACION ESCUELA C. INTERNATIONAL FUTBOL GODOY RICARDO OF MALI, whose the number of scripture is 434 with offices in the Canary Islands whose central office is in Canary Islands.

Currently we are working in Sabalibougou village in Mali, with the children from the Centre Sadio Diarra who is now controlled by our Foundation signed by arrangement. In the future this program will be extended to more villages in the country


All the people who are economically interested to collaborate with the solidarity campaign to help Mali or to sponsor a child for only € 15 per month, collaborate with some basics that the complex needs for working, for exemple, we are working to carry out drilling 100 meters deep to build a water well you can collaborate with the amount that you can with a minimum of 10 €.

Or, to participate as a volunteer  in the campaign "ALL WITH MALI”.

Football coaches, sports monitors, physical education teachers, referees, doctors, physiotherapists, journalists, psychologists, social workers, Fire, Police, Military, Nurses, Students .. etc.

Take my hand and join me in this new journey into the dreams that we want.

Ricardo Godoy

"If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far, let’s walk together, (African proverb)"

Take my hand

Take my hand and follow me in this dream
Each year emerges in a green field
lime lines, strategies and passes
marking a goal and smiles showing
that was achieved.

Take my hand and do not wake me up
because I come from the Bedouin Desert, Savannah Lion and Mazai.
Take my hand, as I get older old ......

And I have traveled road from the southernmost Argentina.
With this, my ball of peace, an antidote to any
war, because until you can stop a tank,
poetry, for the child who dreams arrive shinning.

Take my hand and join me in this new journey
towards the dreams we want to achieve, no matter
danger, border or the trench, if there is a child,
which has not yet played with it, my ball PEACE.

For you, Dad, you made us play with this ball of Peace
you wove into the leather for 25 years and has traveled such a long way,
thanks for always teaching us to see the good side of life.

Ezequiel Godoy Rinaudo's poetry